How To Raise A Rabbit – Feeding and Grooming Secrets

Taking care of rabbits can be as easy as taking care of other pets if you know that right way of raising them. If you want to take care of one, it would be best if you went through the basics first. Rabbits must be treated with the highest level of care and must be fed with only the freshest food. Rabbits should also be groomed daily to keep them from getting diseases.

Below are tips on how to raise a rabbit...

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Not All Dogs Benefit From A Summer Haircut or Shave Down

It would be impossible to count how many times each summer a professional groomer is asked to shave a client’s dog in an attempt to make it cooler. Here in rural Montana where the summers are scorching, I have had requests to shave almost every breed imaginable. It is a common misconception that all dogs would automatically be cooler if they had less hair.

First it is important to consider is what type of hair the dog has...

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A Dog’s Purpose by W Bruce Cameron – More Than Just A Dog Story

In his first book, newspaper columnist W. Bruce Cameron tells the story of reincarnation as seen and experienced through the eyes of a dog. What makes this book so poignant is that the author really seems to understand how a dog would speak and feel. Sooner or later, anyone who has ever owned a dog has looked into those big brown eyes and wondered what he or she was thinking.

Many of us have also wondered about the meaning...

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How To Increase the Lifespan of Your Pet Dumbo Rat

Pet Dumbo Rat

Knowing the lifespan of your pet dumbo rat can help you make sure you give it a good quality of living and can help you appreciate your pet more during the time you have together. Pet rats differ from wild rats in terms of longevity in that pet rats live longer. The reason for this is primarily because they are more taken care of and thrive in an environment that provides them with food, shelter, and care.

The normal lifes...

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Is a Pet Fox Legal?

pet fox

Is a pet fox legal in this county? Does the state have any laws regarding private ownership of skunks? What codes does the city health department have regarding domestic raccoons? For potential exotic pet owners, it can be a difficult battle to determine whether the pet they seek is legal in their area or not...

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Pet Birds From Australia – An Introduction to Rosellas

Pet Birds From Australia

Of all native Australian birds used as pets the rosellas are amongst the most sought after. This is due to their wonderful variety of colouring, their size and their unique markings. Their scalloped feather markings on the back is what makes them unique in the avian world. There are several different species of rosella, all of them unique in their own way, and they all have similar requirements when used in aviculture.


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Dog Medicine for Ailing Pooches

Dog Medicine

There is really nothing worse than a sad, sickly dog. Any sad, sickly animal brings tears to the eyes of any good human. Sick animals don’t speak our language, so they can’t always communicate what they need. If you’ve ever seen the ASPCA commercials on television that feature dogs and cats in pounds, you know that sick animals are about as horrifyingly depressing as it can get.

No one ever wants their beloved pet to fall ...

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How Do I Train My Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

I hear this question all of the time “How do I train my Labrador Retriever to not pull when walking her on a leash?” from family and friends that have this beautiful breed.

It is no secret that Labrador Retrievers are a very energetic and rambunctious breed that requires a lot of love and attention...

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How Your Cat or Dog Can Help You With Anger Management

loving pets A close family friend recently suggested having a dog after she lost her husband. She is an animal lover already, but after her husband passed away she just felt that her house was too lonely. Read More

Facts You Should Know About a Female Dog’s Breeding Cycle

Female Dog and puppies Many dog owners, who are not involved in dog breeding, but own female dogs that have not been spayed, are unsure about a number of features of the animal's season Read More